Women's Voices

For many years, the insights of people with lived experience of the criminal justice system have been at the heart of PRT's work.

Throughout the Transforming Lives programme, we have worked with partner organisations to provide a platform for the voices of women with lived experience of the criminal justice system.

To date over 150 women have been engaged, as well as children with experience of maternal imprisonment. Their comments and stories are included in our publications and form an essential part of our advocacy.

On this page you will find summary reports of the meetings of the Transforming Lives Women's Councils convened by User Voice in Birmingham and London from 2016 to 2018, and a serious of focus groups held with women in Wales by Llamau in the same period.

Women's Voices West Midlands report

Women's Voices London report

Women's Voices summary report, published at the Women's Summit in April 2019

Llamau Women's Voices report