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Please note, the women's team at PRT, along with other policy colleagues are furloughed because of the Covid-19 crisis from 1 April to 31 May.

PRT's homepage will be kept updated but there will be minimal updates on this page during this time.

The will only be checked occasionally.

We wish everyone well during this period.

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We welcome the announcement from the Ministry of Justice that pregnant women in prison are to be temporarily released from custody in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Read the full announcement here.

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We welcome the statement released today (26 March) by the Prison Governors' Association (PGA) on tackling the spread of Covid-19 in our prisons.

The PGA make various recommendations including:

 'The government must look at early release schemes at speed for lower risk offenders, this is particularly pertinent to women offenders who we know pose the least risk to society. This will reduce the level of overcrowding, always a good thing for stability during challenging times. It will also help delay the spread of the virus through prisons, so from a health perspective there is an imperative.'

Read the full statement here.

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A Place to Go Like This

26/03/2020 14:48:00

Katy Swaine Williams, Senior Programme Manger for the TL team here at PRT and Senior Researcher at the award-winning charity Advance, discusses Advance's new report about what all agencies can do to help break the cycle of harm for mothers involved in offending who are survivors of domestic abuse, and their children.

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In their 2018/19 report, published today (24 March) the Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) at HMP Foston Hall highlighted a number of concerns but also improvements which have taken place over the reporting year.

IMB Foston Hall Chair, Hilary Campbell said:

"The level of self harm at Foston Hall is amongst the highest in all prisons in the country. The level of staffing is so tight that prisoners are frequently locked in their cell. We believe there is a link between self-harm and being confined to cell, and we are pleased that the prison authorities are putting in place a plan to address this."

Read the full report here.

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Dr Shona Minson has led a call for pregnant women and mothers and babies to be released from prison.

Research has found imprisonment of pregnant women is a risk to the health of their unborn babies. This is even more so due to Covid-19.

This call for action was covered in the Independent.

For more information visit Dr Minson's website.

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