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The Duchess visited the Forward Trust programme in HMP Send, as part of the launch of #5BigQuestions - a survey aiming to spark conversation on the impact of early childhood experiences.

She spoke to a number of residents, and the Evening Standard reported the Duchess spoke about how often she's heard women saying going to prison was the best thing to happen to them, and she questioned why is has to get to that point before people recieve the help and support they need. She is passionate about helping to provide the prevention mechanisms and support in communities.

For more information on adverse childhood experiences, see our What about me? briefing.

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Today (22 January) Liz Saville Roberts called a Westminster Hall debate on the Commission on Justice in Wales, noting:

"For women the current system is, for lack of a better word, simply inadequate; there are no facilities for women in Wales. It is perhaps in relation to women's justice that a public health approach is most needed. There is significant evidence about the prevalence of a wide range of mental health problems afflicting many vulnerable women caught up in the criminal justice system. Most are the direct result of difficult childhoods, trauma, addictions and abusive relationships."

For more information on the specific issues faced by women in the criminal justice system in Wales, download our Why focus on reducing women's imprisonment? Wales Fact Sheet here.

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“Sentencers should know about the children. You get victim impact statements. What about a child impact statement in the child’s own words or even with pictures?” Sandra* made this suggestion in a focus group for the What about me? report, which lays bare the impact on children of having a primary carer in the criminal justice system...

Sarah Beresford has written a blog on the importance of Child Impact Assessments for children affected by maternal imprisonment.

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There are around 4,000 women behind bars in England and Wales. They make up 5% of the total prison population. And yet their incarceration has an outsized inpact on society.

Jo Fidgen goes with a young woman (Whitney) who has been in and out of the criminal justice system to try to find out how different approaches could change things, including: local, community-based responses that are changing lives across the UK. They then discuss possible solutions with our Programme Director Jenny Earle, along with Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe.

Listen here.

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Recommended Reading: NIACRO News

26/12/2019 13:54:00

Today NIACRO, a voluntary organisation work in Northern Ireland to reduce crime and its impact on people and communitities, published it's 42nd issue of 'NIACRO News'.

Scroll to p.6 for a piece on the Transforming Lives programme evaluation.

The issue also includes an article from Gillian McNaull, 'Why are so many women being sent to prison?'

Read NIACRO News here

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Domestic Abuse Bill

19/12/2019 10:21:00

We welcome the reintroduction of the Domestic Abuse Bill in the Queen's speech, and hope the government prioritises this as a matter of urgency.

We will keep driving forward on our call for improved legal protection for suriviors of domestic abuse for those whose offending is driven by their experience of domestic abuse.

Keep up to date with our progress here.

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