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The Prison Reform Trust has long called for a reduction in women’s imprisonment in the UK and a step change in how the criminal justice system responds to the needs of women…

Our 5 year, lottery funded 'Transforming Lives: reducing women's imprisonment' programme has recently ended. But our work on reducing women's imprisonment continues. On these pages you will find a range of resources relating to the policy and practice of women in the criminal justice system.

Why Women?

While there are signs of progress more work is needed to improve outcomes for women in the criminal justice system.

  • Across the UK, around 12,000 women are imprisoned each year.

  • Although women are less than 5% of those in prison, they account for over 19% of self harm incidents, an indication of the traumatic impact of imprisonment on many.
  • Women entering prison are more likely to have been imprisoned for non-violent offences.

  • Women in prison are highly likely to be victims as well as offenders. Over half the women in prison report having suffered domestic violence with 53% of women reporting having experienced emotional, physical or sexual abuse as a child.

  • Many of them have dependent children - an estimated 17,000 children are separated from their mothers by imprisonment every year.

Gender Specific Options For Diversionary Measures And Pre-Trial And Sentencing Alternatives Shall Be Developed Within Member States' Legal Systems, Taking Account Of The History Of Victimisation Of Many Women Offenders And Their Caretaking Responsibilities

The UK Bangkok Rules, Resolution 2010/16 Rule 57

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