Active Citizens

The Prison Reform Trust launched the active citizens programme in 2015. It aims to encourage the improvement of conditions by drawing on the perspectives and insights of people in prison to provide practical solutions to a particular challenge that their prison is facing.

Active Citizens forums have been held in a number of prisons, tackling a broad range of topics. This includes preventing fights, keeping the environment clean, treating prisoners as adults, and preparing for release. The forums allow governors to see problems from the prisoners’ point of view and consider their solutions.


Prisoners reforming prisons

08/08/2019 00:01:00

This report is the second published as part of PRT’s active citizenship programme, and focuses on three important areas of prison life: safety, respectful relationships, and the responsible use of time in prison.

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A Different Lens

01/12/2017 00:01:00

This report contains the findings from the active citizens programme launched by the Prison Reform Trust in 2015. The programme worked with groups of prisoners to study specific problems in 10 prisons and to propose solutions for the governor to consider.

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