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After listening to this interview on Woman's Hour, Dr Jenny Earle endorsed the outgoing Chief Inspector of Probation's comments on the government's Female Offender Strategy - it points in the right direction, it reflects the evidence base, but it all depends on delivery now.

Listen to Woman's Hour here.
Apr17 17/04/2019 12:26:00 by Emily
The Burton Mail has reported on an inspiring initiative at HMP Foston Hall where the women are in the process of creating a pop-up retail park to help women with their rehabilitation.

Governor Black, commenting on the project:
"My whole ethos is around empowering individuals in preparation for release in order to help reduce re-offending and this was the start of trying to normalise the reality. This project has and will continue to offer a vast array of transferable skills such as project planning, construction, customer service, retail, warehousing and distribution skills. Individuals wokring in the area will gain qualifications going forward and all have been guaranteed job interviews on release."
Apr9 09/04/2019 10:08:00 by Emily
The Frontline Network has blogged about our report 'Home Truths'

read the post here.

photo credit: Ed Clark
Apr4 04/04/2019 16:59:00 by Emily
Commenting on the Justice Committee's report Prison Population 2022: Planning for the Future, Dr Jenny Earle, director of the Prison Reform Trust's reducing women's imprisonment programme said:

"I welcome the recognition in this report of the need for a more preventative community based approach (para 229), and that radical action is needed to 'shrink the population'. Over three quarters of women sentenced to immediate imprisonment in 2017 were sentenced to less than 12 months - blighting their lives in the longer-term as well as those of the children from whom they are commonly separated. Abolishing short custodial sentences and investing in women's community services makes sense for society as a whole - both because it is now well established that short prison sentences have the worst reoffending outcomes, and to reduce the costly intergenerational impact of imprisoning mothers for minor offences."

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Click here to tell us what we should ask Edward Argar MP at our Women's Summit on 30 April and what you would change about women's justice
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The All Saints Cafe opens on Thursday 27th March at 11.45am.

This is an additional Good Loaf cafe which provides move on employment for vulnerable women in the day and at night, it will run female only crisis cafes in partnerships with NHFT.

Visit Good Loaf's website here