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iNews: mental health and women in prison
13/07/2017 10:43:00 by Zoey

Women with poor mental health are being imprisoned unnecessarily. Some never make it out.

Heather Saul from iNews, spoke to Jenny Earle, Programme Director, and Dr Kimmett Edgar, Head of Research, about the 12 self-inflicted deaths in women's prisons in 2016.

In the article it is reported that a quarter of those who died by suicide, where in prison for theft offences. Jenny notes to Heather than the prison staff often comment that many of the women should be receiving mental health care in the community. Referencing 'Deep Custody' a Prison Reform Trust report on segregation units in prison, Kimmett adds: "The perpetual miss-use of prison to detain women who clearly have mental health problems and shouldn’t be held in a prison in the first place, let alone in segregation, has always been a problem.”

Organisatons Women in Prison and User Voice were also interviewed for the article, both of which work closely with Prison Reform Trust on our programme to reduce women's imprisonment.

Read Heather Saul's article in full here.