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Centres of Excellence - proposal for investment in a network of women’s centres
24/03/2017 16:43:00 by Zoey
On the 3 November 2016, the Ministry of Justice published a White Paper ‘Prison Safety and Reform’ setting out the government’s vision for reform of the prison estate in England and Wales.  In relation to women, the White Paper committed to publishing a strategy to “improve the safety and reform of female offenders in custody and in the community”, and for “the creation of five small community prisons for women”.

In response to this, we have put a proposal to the Ministry of Justice to invest in a network of women's centres across England and Wales. Download the proposal here.

In 2015 the Justice Data Lab assessed the impact on re‐offending of support provided to female offenders by Women’s Centres throughout England.It showed a significant reduction in the number of women that reoffended who had support.