A new report published today (8 August) by the Prison Reform Trust demonstrates the benefits when prisoners are consulted about how to address areas of concern in prisons.

Prisoners reforming prisons focuses on three important areas of prison life—safety, respectful relationships, and the responsible use of time in prison. The prisoners’ input, summarised in this report, suggests solutions to crucial areas in which prisons’ performance have recently shown a marked decline.

The report is the second in a series under the Prison Reform Trust’s active citizens programme. The findings are based on work between the Prison Reform Trust and individual prisons to establish active citizen panels—providing a structure to consult prisoners about an issue that concerns them in their prison.

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As part of our continuing work to scrutinise the roll out of PAVA incapacitant spray to prisons across the adult male closed estate, the Prison Reform Trust submitted a Freedom of Information request seeking further information about the adequacy of safeguarding measures.

The response includes a copy of the readiness assessment, training plan and a copy of the Prison Group Director sign off for HMP Hindley—one of the first prisons to be approved for the roll out of PAVA following the initial pilot.

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Prisoners reforming prisons

08/08/2019 00:01:00

This report is the second published as part of PRT’s active citizenship programme, and focuses on three important areas of prison life: safety, respectful relationships, and the responsible use of time in prison.

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For the second report of the Prisoner Policy Network, we asked members 'What do you need to make the best use of your time in prison?'. Prisoners who responded to our call for evidence told us overwhelmingly that they need to feel a sense of hope for the future and to be given meaningful opportunities which allow them to develop and thrive, with prisons promoting personal growth as an end in itself, not just a means to reduced reoffending.

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The first report of the Prisoner Policy Network, an emerging network of current serving prisoners, ex-prisoners and connected organisations who want to share their expertise and experience with policy makers. ‘What incentives work in prison?’ is the result of an extensive consultation exercise with over 1,250 people with experience of prison. Ensuring basic standards of decency in prison conditions; restoring trust in the incentives scheme; developing supportive prisoner and staff relationships; providing meaningful incentives; and giving prisoners the opportunities to rebuild trust, were all identified as key solutions.

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