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This report, published by the Prison Reform Trust and Prisoners Education Trust, shows how prisons can use ICT effectively to improve rehabilitation. It sets out a vision for better use of secure, controlled access to computers in order to transform education, family contact and resettlement on release.

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Making the difference

18/04/2013 10:09:00

Adult social care services have a vital, and often overlooked, role in supporting the large number of people with multiple needs who offend to desist from crime, according to a new joint briefing by the Prison Reform Trust, the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), the Centre for Mental Health and Revolving Doors Agency.

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Turning young lives around

30/11/2012 17:01:00

Turning Young Lives Around has been prepared for youth justice professionals and practitioners, local government directors of children’s services and lead members, directors of public health, clinical commissioning groups and healthcare. It will help to inform the development of Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies. The briefing will be of particular use to those involved in commissioning services, and for those concerned to ensure that the particular needs of children who offend, especially those with mental health problems and learning disabilities, are recognised and met.

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Out For Good

05/09/2012 09:45:00

Enabling prisoners to take responsibility for their own resettlement is key to helping them address the challenges they will face on release and reduce their risk of reoffending, according to Out for Good: taking responsibility for resettlement a new report by the Prison Reform Trust.

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Fair Access to Justice? prepared by Jenny Talbot for frontline staff in the criminal justice system and the NHS, explains how people with a learning disability who have to appear in court as a victim or witness are given extra support or 'special measures' to help them understand and cope with the process.

You can download the report by clicking this link

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Old Enough to Know Better?

25/01/2012 00:01:00

Locking up impressionable young men and women in adult jails with nothing to do risks creating a disaffected generation more likely to turn to crime, according to a new report by the Prison Reform Trust.

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No Way Out

11/01/2012 00:01:00

Too many vulnerable foreign national women are locked up for non-violent crimes and have often been trafficked or coerced into offending, according to a joint briefing by the Prison Reform Trust and Hibiscus.

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Those responsible for the justice system know only too well that one dreadful event, or a high profile court case, can have a devastating impact on prison numbers. The latest edition of the Bromley Briefings Prison Factfile reveals how the August riots, as well as causing harm and distress in communities, propelled an extra 846 people into our already overcrowded jails. This hit the prison service hard when it was already trying to cope with severe budget cuts and overcrowding largely driven by inflation in sentencing.

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New research from the Prison Reform Trust and National Children’s Bureau (NCB), indicates that “looked after” may be a misnomer when it comes to some children in care. Most children are taken into care because they have been abused, neglected or experienced family breakdown. The state is supposed to look after them and protect them from further harm. Yet looked after children are far more likely to be convicted of a crime and end up in custody than other children.

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Reforming Women's Justice

27/06/2011 15:52:00

The final report of the independent Women's Justice Taskforce taking a fresh look at an old problem this time focusing on the economics, structure and accountability of women’s justice.

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