We are delighted that the National Council of Women Great Britain (NCW) has reaffirmed their commitment to seeing fewer women in prison, with a motion passed unanimously at their annual conference on 7 October. The Prison Reform Trust’s Programme Director for Reducing Women’s Imprisonment, Jenny Earle, spoke in favour of the motion alongside NCW members Heather Carter and Coralyn Burge, drawing attention to the high levels of non-violent, acquisitive crime committed by women, addictions, primary caring responsibilities and histories of abuse. 

Commenting, Jenny Earle said:

"NCW is an influential organisation and Prison Reform Trust is proud to be affiliated. The NCW’s call to ensure that fewer women are sent to prison and that the provision of community-based solutions is improved, especially for women with dependent children is timely, and one the Government should take heed of ahead of the publication of the forthcoming strategy for women offenders.”

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