A YouGov opinion poll, launched today by the Prison Reform Trust, reveals strong support for public health measures to tackle women’s offending. Treatment for drug addiction, help to stop alcohol misuse, and mental healthcare, were the top three solutions to get public backing for reducing offending by women who commit non-violent crimes.

The poll of 1,552 people across Britain reveals:

  • Nearly seven out of ten people polled (69%) believe treatment for drug addiction would be effective at reducing the risk of offending
  • 68% thought help to stop alcohol misuse would be effective
  • 62% believe mental health care would be effective.

The Prison Reform Trust is launching these poll results on the day that Dame Elish Angiolini delivers the Prison Reform Trust lecture 2012 on Reforming Women’s Justice. You can watch the lecture here and read it here.

Mumsnet recently hosted a discussion on whether we send too many women to prison. You can read it here.

The Prison Reform Trust has launched a three year strategy to reduce the imprisonment of women in the UK. You can find out more about women in prison and our new strategy here