Commenting on the announcement in the Spending Review of £3.5 billion to fund the MOJ’s commitment to create 18,000 additional prison places, and a further £250 million to fund an extra 2,000 temporary prison places, Peter Dawson, Director of the Prison Reform Trust, said:

“The budget celebrates the pointless waste of £3.75bn on 20,000 new prison places that are needed only because successive governments have wanted to talk tough on crime. By the next spending review, the taxpayer is going to be asked to find the £900m every year those new spaces will cost to run. The Chancellor has simply created a problem for his successor to solve.

“If we just used prison with the moderation most of our neighbours employ, all of this money would be saved.”

Peter has also written about the Budget and Spending Review for the Justice Gap which you can read by clicking here.