Consultation responses

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Prison Reform Trust responds to many consultations produced by the government and a list of our responses can be found below. 

Read our consultation responses here:

 February 2022
Human Rights Act Reform: A Modern Bill of Rights
 February 2022
Prisons Strategy White Paper response
 January 2022
Delivering Justice for Victims Ministry of Justice consultation
 January 2022
Public Accounts Committee inquiry on improving outcomes for women in the criminal justice system
 January 2022
MOPAC Police and Crime Plan 2021–25
 January 2022
Sentencing Council terrorism offences draft guidelines
 Dec 2021
Sentencing Council consultation on miscellaneous amendments to sentencing guidelines
 Nov 2021
Justice Committee inquiry on IPP sentences
 Sept 2021
Domestic Abuse Act draft statutory guidance
 August 2021
Justice and Home Affairs Committee inquiry into new technologies in law enforcement
 August 2021
Sentencing Council burglary offences draft guidelines
 August 2021
Sentencing Council sexual offences draft guidelines
 July 2021
Submission to the IAP on Deaths in Custody on mental health recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic
 May 2021
Prisoners' Property Policy Framework
 May 2021
Justice Committee inquiry on mental health
 May 2021
JCHR legislative scrutiny of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill
 April 2021
Reforming the Mental Health Act
 March 2021
JCHR inquiry on the Independent Human Rights Act Review
 March 2021
Independent Human Rights Act Review
 January 2021
Women’s Estate Case Advice and Support Panel Policy Framework
 January 2021
Education Committee inquiry 'Education: are prisoners being left behind?’
 January 2021
Sentencing Council consultation on the proposed guidelines for modern slavery offences 
 Dec 2020
A Smarter Approach to Sentencing—Prison Reform Trust critique of the white paper
 Dec 2020
HM Inspectorate of Prisons criteria for assessing the treatment of and conditions for women in prison
 Dec 2020
Law Commission consultation on the Proceeds of Crime Act
 Nov 2020
Ministry of Justice consultation on victim attendance at Parole Board hearings
 Nov 2020
Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities consultation
 Sept 2020
Strengthening the independent scrutiny bodies through legislation
 Sept 2020
Comprehensive Spending Review
 Sept 2020
Sentencing Council assault offences draft guidelines
 Sept 2020
Sentencing Council: What next for the Sentencing Council?
 June 2020
HMPPS draft Use of Force policy framework
 May 2020
Improving the Victims' Code
 April 2020
Sentencing Council drugs offences draft guidelines
 January 2020
Sentencing Council firearms offences draft guidelines
 Dec 2019
Sentencing Council terrorism offences draft guidelines
 October 2019
HM Inspectorate of Prisons consultation on resettlement expectations in women's prisons
 October 2019
Justice Committee inquiry into children and young people in custody
 October 2019
Justice Committee inquiry into the ageing prison population
 October 2019
Home Office consultation on the Offensive Weapons Act guidance
 Sept 2019
Home Office consultation on Knife Crime Prevention Order guidance
 Sept 2019
Ministry of Justice consultation on Proposals for revising the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime
 August 2019
HM Inspectorate of Prisons consultation on safety expectations in women's prisons
 July 2019
NHS England consultation on transfers and remission of adult prisoners under the Mental Health Act
 July 2019
Sentencing Council consultation on sentencing offenders with mental health conditions or disorders
 July 2019
Labour Justice and Home Affairs Policy Commission
 June 2019
CPS draft legal guidance on mental health conditions and disorders
 May 2019
Justice Committee inquiry into prison governance
 May 2019
Sentencing Council Expanded Explanations in Sentencing Guidelines consultation
 April 2019
Learning disability and autism training for health and care staff
 April 2019
HM Inspectorate of Prisons consultation on inspection framework and programmes 2019–20
 April 2019
Evidence to the Joint Committee on the Draft Domestic Abuse Bill
 March 2019
Justice Committee inquiry on Court and Tribunal Reforms
 January 2019
European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
 January 2019
Welsh Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee inquiry into voting rights for prisoners
 January 2019
Equality and Human Rights Commission consultation on its Draft Strategic Plan for 2019–22
 January 2019Committee for the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) during the UK state review
 Nov 2018
Youth Justice Board consultation on standards for children in the youth justice system
 Nov 2018
Farmer Review: How can supporting women to engage with their families reduce reoffending?
 October 2018
Joint Committee on Human Rights inquiry on children whose mothers are in prison
 October 2018
United Nation call for submissions: Women deprived of liberty
 October 2018
Home Office consultation on PACE codes C and H
 Sept 2018
Home Affairs Committee inquiry into the effectiveness of the Modern Slavery Act
 Sept 2018
Ministry of Justice consultation Strengthening probation, building confidence
 August 2018
Mental health in the Long Term Plan for the NHS
 August 2018
Home Affairs Committee inquiry on serious violence
 July 2018
Ministry of Justice consultation on reconsideration of Parole Board decisions
 June 2018
Sentencing Council Arson and Criminal Damage Offences draft guideline
 June 2018
Commission for Justice in Wales
 May 2018
Mental Health Act independent review—learning disability and autism
 May 2018
Joint Committee on Human Rights inquiry into solitary confinement and restraint in the youth estate
 May 2018
Health and Social Care Committee inquiry into prison healthcare
 May 2018
Domestic Abuse and Violence Bill consultation
 March 2018Ministry of Justice Review of Parole
 March 2018Fit for the future: transforming the court and tribunal estate
 March 2018Scottish Government consultation on electoral reform
 February 2018Welsh Affairs Committee inquiry on prison provision in Wales
 February 2018National Commission into women facing domestic and/or sexual violence and multiple disadvantage
 January 2018
Mental Health Act independent review—criminal justice roundtable response
 January 2018Draft Animal Welfare (Sentencing and Recognition of Sentience) Bill consultation
 January 2018Law Commission consultation on the draft Sentencing Code
 January 2018Evidence to the Scottish Justice Committee on the use of remand
 Dec 2017Justice Committee inquiry on Prison Population 2022: planning for the future
 Dec 2017DCLG consultation on the draft homelessness code of guidance for local authorities
 Dec 2017Home Office consultation on revising PACE codes C, H, E and F
 Nov 2017Justice Committee inquiry into Transforming Rehabilitation
 October 2017Scottish Sentencing Council consultation on the principles and purposes of sentencing
 October 2017Sentencing Council consultation on draft manslaughter guidelines
 October 2017Islington Council's consultation on development of the Holloway Prison site
 Sept 2017CPS consultation on draft legal guidance on secondary liability (joint enterprise)
 Sept 2017Sentencing Council consultation on child cruelty guidelines
 August 2017Evidence to the Scottish Equality and Human Right Committee on prisoners voting
 August 2017The Welsh Government prosecution code
 July 2017Changes to the Crime Survey for England and Wales
 June 2017Sentencing Council consultation on draft intimidatory offences and domestic abuse guideline
 May 2017Scottish Government consultation on electronic monitoring
 May 2017Physical health of people in prison: NICE quality standard consultation
 May 2017Policing 2026 consultation
 April 2017Islington Council ‘Developing plans for the Holloway Prison site: a discussion paper'
 February 2017Draft London Police and Crime Plan
 February 2017Joint Committee on Human Rights inquiry into mental health and deaths in prison
 February 2017HM Inspectorate of Prisons consultation on adult male prison expectations
 January 2017Ministry of Justice consultation on driving offences and penalties
 January 2017Sentencing Council consultation on breach offence guideline
 January 2017Justice committee inquiry into prison reform: Governor empowerment and prison performance
 Nov 2016Transforming our justice system
 Nov 2016Mental health of adults in contact with the criminal justice system
 Nov 2016Justice Committee inquiry to inquiry on disclosure of youth criminal records
 Oct 2016Farmer review
 Oct 2016Law Commission 13th programme of law reform
 Sept 2016Justice committee inquiry into prison reform
 Sept 2016Women in the Criminal Justice System in London: A Health Strategy
 August 2016Communities and Local Government Committee inquiry into adult social care
 August 2016
Sentencing Council consultation on the sentencing of children and young people
 August 2016Charity Commission consultation on power to disqualify from acting as a trustee
 July 2016Public Accounts Committee inquiry on Transforming Rehabilitation
 June 2016Lammy Review of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) representation in the Criminal Justice System
 June 2016Physical health of people in prison draft NICE guidelines
 June 2016Improving health within criminal justice Northern Ireland
 June 2016Changes to NOMS publications
 May 2016Sentencing Council consultation on a reduction in sentence for guilty a plea guideline
 April 2016Work and pensions committee inquiry on support for ex-offenders
 March 2016Ministry of Justice consultation on proposed changes for future editions of Criminal Justice Statistics
 March 2016Welsh Government: Together for Mental Health—Delivery Plan 2016–2019
 February 2016Sentencing Council draft guidelines on the Imposition of Community and Custodial Sentences
 February 2016Justice Committee inquiry on the role of the magistracy
 February 2016Home Affairs Committee inquiry on prostitution
 February 2016Justice Committee inquiry on restorative justice
 January 2016European Committee for the Prevention of Torture call for evidence
 Dec 2015Sir Martin Narey's independent review of children’s residential care
 Dec 2015College of Policing Draft Authorised Professional Practice
 Dec 2015Scottish Government's proposals to strengthen the presumption against short periods of imprisonment
 Nov 2015Coates review of prison education
 Sept 2015Justice Committee inquiry into courts and tribunals fees and charges
 Sept 2015Justice Committee inquiry into young adult offenders
 Sept 2015HM Treasury Spending Review 2015
 Sept 2015
HM Inspectorate of Probation’s call for evidence on work with women offenders
 Sept 2015
Changes to prison population projections
 Sept 2015Home Affairs Committee inquiry into psychoactive substances
 August 2015
Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee call for evidence on the Community Justice (Scotland) Bill
 August 2015Draft Code of Practice for Victims of Crime
 May 2015Department of Health - No voice unheard, no right ignored
 May 2015
Support for children (Impact of parental imprisonment) (Scotland) Bill
 Feb 2015Prison Reform Trust submission College of Policing Domestic Abuse APP consultation
 Sept 2014  Consultation on proposed changes to the Code of Practice: Mental Health Act 1983
 Sept 2014Scottish Prison Service Purposeful Activity Review
 Sept 2014NOMS complex needs case supervision system referral manual
 August 2014Equality and Human Rights Commission inquiry into non-natural deaths in custody
 August 2014Law Commission Issues Paper on Unfitness to Plead
 July 2014
PRT submission to the Harris Review into self-­‐inflicted deaths in NOMS custody of 18 ­‐24-year-olds
 July 2014
Welsh Affairs Committee inquiry on prisons in Wales and treatment of Welsh offenders
 June 2014
Theft offences guideline consultation submission
 March 2014
Justice Committee inquiry Prison: planning and policies
 March 2014
Joint Committee on Human Rights inquiry - Violence against women and girls
 March 2014
Prison Reform Trust briefing - the relationship between finance and debt and women's offending
 February 2014
Policy Implementation Guidance: Mental Health Services for Prisoners in Wales
 February 2014
PRT response to draft Modern Slavery Bill
 January 2014Parole Board triennial review
 January 2014
MoJ consultation on out of court disposals
 December 2013
Transforming management of young adults in custody
 November 2013
JCHR - The implications for access to justice of the government’s proposed judicial review reforms
 November 2013
Streamlining Parole Together consultation
 November 2013
Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Scotland) consultation response
 November 2013
Parliamentary inquiry into the operation and effectiveness of the youth justice system
 October 2013
Fraud, bribery and money laundering offences
 Sept 2013
Joint Committee on Human Rights inquiry – Proposed legal aid reforms
 Sept 2013
Joint Committee on Human Rights inquiry – Human rights judgments
 Sept 2013APPG on Victims and Witnesses inquiry into the treatment of vulnerable victims
 August 2013Second Mayoral strategy on violence against women and girls (2013-17)
 June 2013
NOMS commissioning intentions consultation response
 June 2013Joint Select Committee Consultation on the Draft Voting Eligibility (Prisoners) Bill
 June 2013Transforming Legal Aid
 May 2013Improving the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime
 April 2013Transforming Youth Custody: Putting education at the heart of detention
 April 2013
Incentives and earned privileges review
 March 2013Sexual offences sentencing guidelines
 March 2013Justice Committee inquiry on older prisoners
 March 2013Mayor of London’s draft Police and Crime Plan
 February 2013Transforming Rehabilitation
 February 2013Transforming Rehabilitation: women's justice
 February 2013Home Office alcohol strategy consultation
 February 2013Triennial Review of the Youth Justice Board
 January 2013Scottish Justice Committee inquiry on purposeful activity
 December 2012Triennial Review of the Criminal Cases Review Commission
 November 2012Youth conditional caution code of practice consultation
 November 2012The new remand framework for children: allocation of new burdens funding to local authorities
 November 2012Draft Care and Support Bill
 Sept 2012Swift and Sure Justice
 Sept 2012Scottish Prison Service consultation on women in custody
 Sept 2012Justice Committee inquiry on women offenders
 Sept 2012Justice Committee inquiry on interpretation and translation services
 August 2012NOMS Commissioning Intentions 2013-2014 discussion document
 July 2012Making Justice Work for Victims and Witnesses - Scottish Government
 June 2012Punishment and Reform: effective community sentences
 June 2012Punishment and Reform: effective probation services
 April 2012
Getting it Right for Victims and Witnesses
 March 2012Justice Committee inquiry on youth justice
 February 2012Justice Committee Post Legislative Scrutiny of the Freedom of Information Act
 February 2012MoJ consultation on judicial diversity
 January 2012DH women offenders personality disorder strategy consultation
 January 2012Joint response to consultation on the revision of PACE code C with The Children's Society 
 January 2012Labour Justice Policy Working Group consultation 
 December 2011NICE draft guideline on autism
 December 2011Riots Communities and Victims Panel submission
 December 2011Sentencing Council consultation on overarching guidelines
 November 2011Response to the Commission on a Bill of Rights
 October 2011DH consultation on preventing suicide in England
 October 2011MoJ consultation on reform of the public bodies of the Ministry of Justice
 October 2011DWP consultation on housing benefit reform - supported housing 
 Sept 2011Justice Committee inquiry on joint enterprise
 Sept 2011Justice Committee inquiry on the budget and structure of the Ministry of Justice
 Sept 2011
Justice Committee inquiry on the future of the youth justice board and youth offending teams
 July 2011Evidence to the Joint Committee on Human Rights scrutiny of review proposals for the Sex Offenders Register
 July 2011Sentencing Council consultation on burglary offence guidelines
 June 2011Sentencing Council consultation on drug offence guidelines
 June 2011Scottish Prison Service's Prison Rules for prisons and young offenders institutions
 June 2011Strengthening women's voices in Government
 June 2011Building a fairer Britain: Reform of the Equality and Human Rights Commission
 May 2011
More effective responses to anti-social behaviour
 April 2011Review of statutory duties placed on local government
 April 2011Provision of interpretation and translation services across the justice sector
 April 2011Magistrates’ Association enquiry into Community Justice
 April 2011DWP consultation on Community Care Grants and Crisis Loans
 March 2011Healthy Lives, Healthy People: strategy for public health in England
 March 2011Ministry of Justice 'Breaking the Cycle'
 January 2011Sentencing Council's professional consultation on the draft guideline on assault
 October 2010NHS white paper response
 July 2010Sentencing review submission
 July 2010Rehabilitation revolution submission
 Sept 2009Prisoners voting consultation


Prisoners' voting rights submissions to the Council of Europe's Committee of Ministers:

November 2010

September 2010

May 2010

February 2010

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