Nov11 11/11/2016 16:47:00 by Peter Dawson

“One tries not to be an Old Git but they don't make it easy”. So says Alan Bennett, and reading Prison Safety and Reform, the government’s long awaited white paper published last week, anyone with history on the subject will find it easy to sympathise. This is scarcely the first time in the last two decades that a politician has declared their determination to create a prison system that makes a difference. And for all of its 61 pages, the document begs many more questions than it answers.

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Sep22 22/09/2016 17:33:00 by Jenny Earle

Camping should be for holiday makers—not for vulnerable women leaving prison hoping to rebuild their lives with their families and communities. Yet earlier this year inspectors revealed that some women were being handed tents and sleeping bags at the prison gates as they had no safe place to go to on release.

This week the Prison Reform Trust and Women in Prison published a new report. It found that a chronic shortage of safe and stable housing for women leaving prison is leading to more crime, more victims and greater use of unnecessary and expensive imprisonment.

Six in ten women leaving prison may not have a home to go to on release, and recent prison inspectorate reports suggest that the situation may be getting worse.

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