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The Prison Reform Trust is working with the U3A, Pact, Victim Support, the Magistrates' Association, the National Council of Women and others to organise local Talking Justice meetings nationwide. 

The meetings are based on our new resources - Where Do You Stand? and What Can I Do? – and provide an opportunity for people to take part in an informed debate about the penal system in England and Wales, and find out how they can make a difference through volunteering or seeking reforms.  

We also plan to hold a number of ‘train the trainer’ workshops for those who would like to try out the materials before putting on a local meeting. 

Click this link to download more information.  For more information or to get involved, please email or call 020 7251 5070


How much do you know about the penal system in England and Wales, and do you think it is working?

Through the Talking Justice programme, the Prison Reform Trust aims to inform public debate about prison and community sentencing and to support members of the public to get involved by volunteering or pressing for reforms. 

The programme forms part of our outreach work, kindly funded by the Monument Trust, through which we are working in partnership with civic society organisations including the University of the Third Age (U3A), Soroptimists UK, the National Federation of Women’s Institutes (the WI) and the National Council of Women, as well as voluntary organisations within the criminal justice system such as Pact, Victim Support and the Magistrates’ Association.  

On this page you will find a range of resources full of facts and figures about prisons and community sentences, films and firsthand accounts and details of opportunities to get involved in volunteering, attending events or effecting change.

We want to get the nation talking about criminal justice and to help people to get involved in making things better.  Tell us what you think about the criminal justice system and about the resources offered on this page, and what is happening in your local community.  Contact us by email or call Katy Swaine Williams on 020 7689 7738.

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Dec18 18/12/2017 00:01:00 by alex

The latest edition of the Prison Reform Trust's Bromley briefings prison factfile highlights in facts and figures the consequences of a punitive political arms race over criminal justice policy over the past three decades. Steep cuts to prison staff and budgets in recent years have exposed the fault lines of a failed approach. The result is an overcrowded and overstretched prison system where standards of safety and decency are way below international expectations.
This year’s Bromley briefings open with a brand new section which we have called “The long view”. The Prison Reform Trust has built its reputation over more than three decades on presenting accurate evidence about prisons and the people in them. In a world where ministers feel compelled to respond to issues with ever greater immediacy, “The long view” offers an antidote to the latest Twitter storm or early morning grilling in the media.

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Aug21 21/08/2017 17:00:00 by alex

Nominations are invited from prison governors, directors and senior managers for the 2018 Robin Corbett Award for Prisoner Re-integration (formerly Rehabilitation). The closing date is 1 December 2018.

The award, kindly supported by the Chrysalis Programme and the Worshipful Company of Weavers, is for outstanding rehabilitative work with prisoners done by a charity or community group. It champions work that fosters personal responsibility. Robin Corbett had a long-held interest in prisoners' education and people in prison 'learning through doing'.

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