winston churchill memorial trust - apply now for a prison and penal reform fellowship

Are you involved in the criminal justice system? Are you interested in projects that reduce reoffending and contribute to a more just, humane and effective penal system?

If the answer is 'yes' a Churchill Fellowship would offer you the chance to see how things are being done differently or better overseas. It will enable you to return to the UK with new ideas and renewed energy to work towards a better system in the UK. This is the second year of a joint three year project with the Prison Reform Trust.

The deadline for applications is now closed.



The 2012 Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship award winners were:
Mr Mark Walsh
Police Constable
Project: Peer Court UK: Restorative Justice for youths administered by youths
Travel plans: U.S.A
Mr Mark Bolt   
Police Inspector
Project: Mental Health and Criminal Justice        
Travel plans: U.S.A.  
Ms Marina Cantacuzino     
Founder and Director of The Forgiveness Project
Project: Learning from other restorative justice programmes in custodial settings
Travel plans: Canada; U.S.A.           
Ms Vicki Helyar-Cardwell    
Project: Young fathers in the criminal justice system - a hook for desistance?
Travel plans: U.S.A.  
Ms Lynn Jolly           
Community Justice Services Manager, Cornerstone (voluntary sector organisation)
West Dunbartonshire
Project: Comparing practice in the support of learning disabled offenders
Travel plans: Canada; U.S.A.         
Miss Helen Kidson  
Prison Officer           
Project: Reducing recidivism in serious / violent offenders through welfare lead rehabilitation
Travel plans: Finland; Germany; Norway; Sweden
Miss Yvonne Kramo            
Legal Caseworker (Intern)
Project: Assisting individuals access their rights under EU and human rights law
Community involvement in detention oversight: An international perspective

Travel plans: Malawi; South Africa; U.S.A.
Ms Harriet Laurie     
Project Development Officer for registered charity, TheHorseCourse
Project: Investigate other equine-assisted interventions to inform best practice.
Travel plans: Canada; U.S.A.        
Miss Jessica Magson         
International Projects Manager, UK Ministry of Justice (EU and FCO funded court, judicial and prison reform projects)
Project: Examining the Impact of Drug Liberalisation Policies on Judicial Efficiency
Travel plans: Czech Republic; Portugal; Uruguay
Mrs Wanda Mountford        
Prison Officer & Therapy Group Facilitator
Project: Resisting 'supermax'; humane treatment of serious offenders in England & Wales
Travel plans: Netherlands
Miss Paula Reid       
Policy officer at a national mental health charity with a focus on criminal justice and welfare issues
Project: Diverting offenders with mental illness from the criminal justice system
Travel plans: Canada; U.S.A.         
Ms Lynn Saunders   
Prison Governor
Project: Sex offender Treatment and Rehabilitation      
Travel plans: Canada; U.S.A.         
Mr Austin Smith
Prison officer            
Project: Restorative Justice: Prison and Probation Trusts; collaborative working
Travel plans: Australia         
Mr Steve Urquhart   
Radio Producer, Tutor & Facilitator (part-time), Prison Radio Association; Freelance Producer & Announcer, BBC Radio 4
Project: Reducing offending: listening to Europe, broadcasting to the UK.
Travel plans: Belgium; Netherlands; Norway
Ms Stephanie Waddell
Gangs and youth violence policy lead, Violent and Youth Crime Prevention Unit, Home Office
Project: European approaches to addressing youth violence in custody and the community